Document Disaster Recovery: Don’t Roll the Dice

Year after year we see news reports of the destruction caused by earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Where and when these natural disasters strike is generally unknown and unpredictable, but we’re always taught to be prepared with a plan in such an event.

I remember an elementary school assignment that required me to talk to my parents about household safety. We developed a checklist that included things like knowing where the fire extinguisher was, compiling an earthquake survival kit with canned food and flashlights, and mapping escape routes and meeting points in case a quick evacuation was necessary.

Looking back, I see this assignment as a lesson in preparation, awareness, and proactiveness that can be applied to many aspects of modern business.

For example, a 2011 InformationWeek report found that 50% of small and medium-sized companies have no disaster recovery plan in place. It’s a pretty staggering statistic when you consider what it can truly mean for a business that experiences catastrophic data loss—failure.

Data loss can have devastating consequences for any computer user. Damaged files can result in years of lost work or expensive system rebuild costs. If you have lost critical business files, personal photographs, or any other important data, you might want to reach out to a data recovery expert such as Secure Data Recovery. They offer flexible solutions to take the pressure out of the data recovery process. In some cases, engineers can even return lost files within a few days.

A business’ disaster recovery plan should drive:

Preparation. Like planning an escape route, you should map out the necessary steps to get back on track if a disaster should occur.

Awareness. Each employee should know what the strategy is, and what steps they need to be taking as an individual to follow that strategy.

Proactivity. Don’t let an actual disaster motivate you to put a disaster recovery plan in place. Oftentimes it’s too late!

We strongly believe that a solid disaster recovery strategy can mean the difference between getting back to business as usual and not getting back to business at all.

So, we’ve developed a white paper, Don’t Be Caught When Disaster Strikes: 5 considerations for your digital document strategy to encourage our partners to factor in disaster recovery as they flesh out their digital document strategies.

You can download the white paper today, free. If you’re interested in speaking with a Nitro representative about ways Nitro Pro can enhance your disaster recovery preparations, we invite you to contact us at any time.

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