#NeedNitro: Avert a “Work-from-Home” Crisis

A car break down and a Panera Bread full of tweens Instagramming their soup either sounds like the perfect set-up for a family holiday movie, or a Nitro saves-the-day story. Today, we’re telling the latter.

Sometimes, working from home can have its disadvantages.

Case in point: my friend, Mark, works as a legal services proposal manager. He holed up in a café to do work on his personal computer while he waited for the mechanic to finish putting his car together. As he compiled proposals, he realized he was missing a key piece for completing his tasks: PDF software. While Mark had a digital document solution on his computer at work, his home laptop did not.

What solutions Mark was looking for.

Mark required more than just converting Word documents into PDF files. For his most extensive proposal, he needed to insert multiple, complicated files as appendices. To make matters more stressful, his client warned Mark and his boss that they had an overly restrictive firewall, meaning the overall file size couldn’t be too big or files wouldn’t be transferrable over email.

Nitro to the rescue.

Since we’re friends, Mark and I chat regularly. While he sipped on coffee and wondered how he’d complete his work, he remembered our chats—and that I work for a PDF software company.” Let’s hope I can use Nitro”, he said, “because I have no back-up plan.”  And that is exactly what he did. As Mark put it in an email to me:

Installing Nitro didn’t take long, and the software itself was straightforward. I received the proposal ready using the Combine feature, making several different types of files into one PDF. I also was able to create links within the document to the pages we wanted to use as appendices. I emailed one file to my boss, an attorney, who submitted it to our client without any sizing issues. Thanks for working somewhere that helped me look good!

PDF can take your documents—and your work—to the next level.

Being able to drag-and-drop different types of files (combine Word, PowerPoint, JPEG—you name it!) and combine them into a single PDF document is just one feature of a digital document solution like Nitro Pro 9. You have the ability to legally add your John Hancock to a PDF, compare text and image differences in a document, and even apply virtual white-out.

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