When Print, Scan, Return Goes Very Wrong

Has this happened to you? 

My friend Austin* verbally accepted a job offer last week, after an 8-month long job search. The tech firm he’d been hired at emailed his offer letter and new hire paperwork in a 14 page PDF file. Similar to the process many of us of have gone through, their directions were simple enough:

  • Print out the document
  • Fill in the form
  • Sign on the dotted lines
  • Scan it back into the computer
  • Return the paperwork via email

Austin did just this, scanning the paperwork at the highest resolution, creating a new PDF file, and sending it off. He assumed all systems were go.

Trouble in paradise.

Two days later, on a Friday at 5pm, Austin received an email from the company:

Thank you for your interest in our organization.  As your offer window has expired, we are now moving forward with a different candidate.

Frantic, Austin tried to put the pieces of the story together, and once he had, he called me.

Our conversation illuminated just how wrong things can go.

The company never received Austin’s PDF email attachment because the PDF was too large, and the subsequent error message was filtered into his spam folder. Despite trying to work things out with the company, Austin was not hired, and unfortunately, his job search continues. I couldn’t help but think that the hassle Austin went through was routine, but this time, the consequences were heartbreakingly significant.

Accidents like this can be avoided.

While the “print, scan and return” process for signing paper documents is tedious, many of us don’t think twice about doing it—until that is, something bad happens, like Austin’s story.  There are alternatives to the old way, such as Nitro Cloud, which allows you to share, sign and save documents all via the cloud. Plus, Nitro Cloud alerts you when your document has been viewed by the recipient. Had Austin been able to track his document, he would have known it was never opened by his potential employer, and he could have followed up promptly.

Whether you’re requesting signatures or providing one, wouldn’t it bring you peace of mind knowing immediately who’s viewed, signed and shared documents?

*name changed to protect the innocent