4 Ways to Modernize Your Business Strategy

We all know modern business moves extremely fast, and whether or not yours can keep up hinges on the ability to understand and adapt to the rapid changes. If your team is equipped with a simple and clear document management strategy that supports your business initiatives, you’re one step ahead of the game.

Consider the following four recommendations and how they can enhance the agility of your business.

Simplify your business processes. There’s a big difference between being thorough and being overzealous, especially with specific regard to business and document workflows. Precision and clarity cannot be overemphasized. Take a look at the established processes at your company—are there any steps that can be combined or removed, or individuals that don’t really need to be involved? Who or what emerge as blockers of progress on a regular basis?

Taking the time to examine these workflows, identify opportunities to streamline, and implement compatible tools (like project management software or cloud collaboration) will enhance your efficiency in a big way. You’ll see a world of difference in the speed and quality of the business your company does.

Recognize the changing roles of IT and their users. Technology is more ingrained in our culture than ever before. With iPads and smartphones practically attached to our bodies these days, we’ve achieved a level of tech-savviness that has caused a shift in our user roles, from the home to the workplace.

IT departments that recognize the enhanced tech fluency of their users can make better decisions about implementing new business tools or systems. By involving users in the conversation about a new document management system and allowing them to play an active role in evaluating it, IT can create bigger user buy-in and ultimately set the stage for success.

Refocus initiatives around customer service. We’ve learned from business leaders like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos that a customer-centric strategy can catapult an organization to success. Consumers have multiple outlets through which to express their discontent—or satisfaction—with any part of their buying journey, and with social media in play it only takes a quick “like” or a “share” to amplify a comment or review exponentially.

How can you improve the customer experience? Keep your document management strategy simple, and grant clients on-demand accessibility to their documentation. Services like Nitro Cloud not only help closely track the document journey and expedite signing and review processes, they provide visibility and convenience—both huge factors in maintaining client satisfaction.

Accommodate remote employees. Working remotely is increasing in popularity across nearly every industry, the reason being that it’s easier than ever before to keep remote employees connected. Like your customer service strategy, your business’s approach to remote employees should be focused on document accessibility, communication, and simplicity.

Maintaining a strong document management strategy will set remote employees, and the in-house team members they work with, up for success in a number of ways.

Many companies are already prescribing to these ways of conducting business. Is your organization doing the same – or do you know of one that is? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.