Nitro Intern Series: David Sheerin, Engineering

Nitro interns are a rare breed of human. They’re hungry for working world experience, and for taking on work that makes an impact on an organization. Today, we’re focusing on David Sheerin, who recently graduated with his BS and MS in Computer Science from University College Dublin (that’s Ireland!).

David and his girlfriend, Sarah, both received 12-month visas to come work at the Nitro Headquarters in San Francisco – and when their year was up, they were asked to continue being Nitronauts as the first two employees at Nitro Dublin.

Were you looking at other internships or jobs in SF? Why did you select Nitro?

Honestly, there really was no decision to be made once I had met the Engineering team. The talent and expertise of each member of the team was inspiring, and their willingness to teach and impart their knowledge to me was almost overwhelming.

David 2

Did you have any expectations coming into your role?

My expectation upon starting the internship was that it would be traditional intern work: the menial stuff that no one else really wanted to do. I figured if I was lucky, I might get one or two “interesting” projects that were low impact for the team.  I was totally blown out of the water – this was not the case at all.

How did your internship at Nitro differ from “traditional intern work” as you called it?

At Nitro, you may have “Intern” in your title, but you’re treated as a full-fledged member of the team – with all the associated responsibilities and expectations that come along with that. I was given the opportunity to prove what I could do and once I did prove myself, the work I was given became more and more important and complex. My work as an intern had a high-level impact on the company.

 What was the best part of your internship?

Learning and development are the main reasons why anyone should do an internship anywhere, not just at Nitro. But so far, I have learned more than I imagined was possible. In fact, a year later, I’m still learning from them.

 That actually leads into my next question: would you work full-time for Nitro if offered?

Well, after my internship ended, I was offered a full time role. I moved up from Engineering Intern to Junior Software Engineer, and was recently given the title of Software Engineer.

Ah-ha! So what do you do now?

I am on the Nitro Cloud team and have worked on key features of the product – a product that has millions of users. The internship set me on track for the career I wanted at a company I genuinely love working for.

Any advice for future interns of the world?

Working for Nitro as an Engineering Intern was the best decision I’ve ever made.

David’s experience is just one of the intern stories we’ve covered recently, with more to come! We hope his story inspires you to find an internship that allows you to contribute your talents to and know-how, and helps you discover more about yourself too. If you’re past the interning stage of your career, consider taking on an intern – the next generation is unbelievably talented, intelligent and motivated.

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