How To Add Electronic Bookmarks to a PDF

A few weeks ago we received an email from Kay, a legal secretary in the midst of her Nitro Pro trial. She wrote:

I need to e-file all court documents now in the state of Texas; all documents must be in PDF format. All exhibits have to be bookmarked, so they say, and I have no idea what this is, how or why to do it! Can you explain bookmarking to me? Thanks!

Well Kay, we’re happy to report that you can absolutely bookmark PDF documents in Nitro Pro. Here’s a bit of background on the feature and how to use it effectively.

What is a Bookmark? Electronic Bookmarks work much like the bookmarks you place in paper books, with the added benefit of being automatically aggregated into a list in the Bookmarks pane.

Bookmarks are huge timesavers that allow users to group and label relevant information. Once created, all Bookmarks are listed in the Bookmark pane and can be organized as desired, so accessing the information tied to each ‘mark takes just one click.

In Kay’s case, the exhibits in her legal documents had to be Bookmarked in order to be accepted in court. Assigning Bookmarks to the exhibits make it easy to navigate directly to each one, without needing to scroll through the document page by page.

How to add Bookmarks in Nitro Pro 9:

Step 1: Create your Bookmark. On the Edit tab, click Bookmark. Then, in the Bookmarks pane, name your new Bookmark.

Step 2: Assign an Action to your Bookmark. Assigning an action to each Bookmark will dictate what happens when a user clicks on it. In Nitro Pro 9, you can choose from 10 different actions:

Bookmark Action
If Kay’s exhibit can be found in the current PDF file, she should select “Go to a page in this document,” then give the page number of the exhibit. That way, when another user clicks the “Exhibit A” bookmark, they will be taken directly to the page containing Exhibit A.

As the image shows, Kay could also link out to pages in other PDF files and even web pages, among other actions, to present additional information that may not appear within the file.

To learn more about how Electronic Bookmarks can be utilized in Nitro Pro, check out our video tutorial over at Nitro University.