The State of Modern Marketing Event

Being a Modern Marketer requires you solve business critical puzzles every day, with smaller budgets and higher growth targets than ever before. Navigating this complicated environment can be challenging, and it often requires innovative thinking and group collaboration. As classical marketing thought leaders Al Ries and Jack Trout once said, “Only in a give-and-take atmosphere can ideas be refined and perfected.”


To facilitate this “give-and-take,” we hosted an open discussion last week amongst four marketing leaders  from some of the fastest growing brands in the Bay Area. Over one hundred attendees got an inside look at the tactics that have fueled the exponential growth of these companies, and heard about where they’re placing their bets going forward.


Jamie Grenney, VP of Marketing at Infer, moderated our panel of marketing experts from Zendesk, New Relic, and Relate IQ, who shared their stories and the tactics that have helped fuel the rapid growth of their companies.

Many thanks to all those who were able to attend! You can find Jamie Grenney’s full write-up of the evening’s discussion over at the Infer blog.