Nitronaut Intern Series: Jennifer Wu, Engineering Intern

Nitro interns are a rare breed of human. They’re hungry for working world experience, and for taking on work that makes an impact on an organization. Today, we’re focusing on Jennifer Wu, a senior student studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley. She has a special place at Nitro as our very first female engineer!

So Jennifer, how did you find out about the internship at Nitro?

I found out about Nitro through a career fair at school and was interested right away because of how much they have going on—from the Nitro Pro software to the cloud feature. Rachel, the Talent Ambassador I spoke with, was so friendly, and made my recruiting process a breeze.

We know you’d been looking around at a few other internships. Why did you choose Nitro?

Aside from having the cutest mascot I’ve ever seen, Nitro stood out for a few reasons. I felt like I could really dig in and pursue programming as a whole, both the front and back ends. I’ve typically only worked with the back-end at school, so being able to focus on user interface and experience was really cool. And the commute could not be easier—just a hop, skip, and jump from BART.

Jennifer9Your first week of work wasn’t long ago. Tell us about that.

My first week was great! I really felt welcomed by everyone and was overwhelmed (in a good way) at how helpful the team was. They all encouraged me to ask questions – no one was unapproachable. On my first day, I was set up with all of the accounts and software I would need, and I was immediately asked to participate in meetings—which instantly made me feel like part of the team. The most difficult thing about work was not actually work, but waking up for it!

Can you describe a typical day?

First, I come in and grab breakfast, and of course, coffee. After a stand-up meeting, I work on the day’s tasks—including coding, reading a guidebook on how to code, Googling code, and coding some more. Although these projects involve coding individually, it’s cool knowing that everyone’s part will merge together at the end.

Sounds like a whirlwind! What have you learned so far?

I’ve gotten exposure to a lot of technical stuff like iOS coding—a language I had never learned before. The two people I work with a lot, Jacko and Jay, have been great about responding to my numerous questions – I’ve learned so much from them. And my communication style has changed. We use internal chatting programs to communicate, so I’m getting a lot of practice writing.

What’s been your favorite thing about your internship?

Not only did I learn iOS, but I’ve been able to use it immediately for the project I’m working on (mobile developments!). Doing all of this within such a short period of time has been awesome.

Alright, Jennifer, last question. How is the “working world” different than college?

The work world is very scheduled, which requires more discipline. I like that everything kind of has a more set schedule, so I know exactly when I have to get what done. At first it was tiring, but after adjusting I noticed I have more free time (after work) that I can really utilize, compared to during school when my schedule is more scattered.

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