Making a Case for a Paperless Office

As any office worker drowning in paperwork will tell you, salvation in the way of a paperless office cannot come too soon. Not only will sanity be recovered, the environment – the birds, bees and trees, will thank you.

It is no secret that the office environment in modern Australia has undergone some dramatic changes. For example, it is now possible to make use of firms that provide services such as commercial building and property maintenance in Melbourne, to ensure that your office is clean and functioning to the best of its ability.

Case in point: legal practice professionals. In last month’s ALPMA Summit in Melbourne, Australia, we surveyed delegates at this Australasian Legal Practice Management Association annual event to get their views around paperwork. We’ll let the results speak for themselves:

  • Managing document editing easily is top priority

53% said that editing documents in any file format easily is the number one paper-based work they hope to streamline, while sharing confidential documents securely (33%) and acquiring signatures quickly (25%) came second and third in the priority list respectively.

  • Paperwork pain stems from time and resource wastage

44% were very frustrated with the human and resource waste that comes with paperwork, 40% were frustrated with the trouble it takes to track the latest version of working documents, and 30% were frustrated at how traditional paperwork risk document tampering.

  • Convenience is key to paperless adoption

52% prioritized easy set up and support to help them adopt paperless solutions effectively, while 32% favoured solutions that enable them to work both online and offline, while education and training (54%) and competitive pricing (34%) were the least important factors.

Based on the findings, it is fair to conclude that legal practice professionals are conscientious, but very time-poor individuals. With the legal sector being one of the most paper-driven industries, imagine how far a legal firm can go if it resolved one of the most common gripes that plagues it?

Best practice firms such as King & Wood Mallesons, Holding Redlich and Maddocks are already taking steps to address some of the issues outlined above; by implementing Nitro to replace or improve on paper-based processes. And if the popularity of our live demonstrations at the Summit is anything to go by, many more legal firms will follow suit.

From left to right: Nitronauts Adam Nowiski, Steven Sismanis and Sheeda Cheng at the ALPMA Summit 2014.

From left to right: Nitronauts Adam Nowiski, Steven Sismanis and Sheeda Cheng at the ALPMA Summit 2014.

Contact Nitro at, and quote ‘PAPERLESS’ to find out more about the survey, or to set up a non-obligatory chat on what simple measures you can take to move towards a paperless office.