Employee Experience Makes the Huffington Post

Sometime between 3:00 and 3:30 each Friday afternoon, the familiar rattle of glass bottles on a wheeled cart jangles through each Nitro office like wind chimes on a breezy spring day. Ears perk and heads turn to see who is trolleying the beloved beer cart through the office. It’s almost always a new face. See, every Nitro Newbie pushes the cart at the end of their first week as a way to welcome them aboard.

Beer Cart Fridays are a ritual throughout Nitro’s global organization. As Director of Employee Experience, Erica Johnson, puts it, “At Nitro, we turn onboarding into a team sport, ensuring the entire office is involved on some level.” Clinking bottles offer a pavlovian response in Nitronauts. Not only does it mean a drink with our mates to celebrate a long week – it’s also how we get everyone participating (and high-fiving!).

Late last week, this favorite tradition was featured alongside other great start-up rituals and rites-of passage in the Huffington Post. Check it out for ideas as to how to pep up positivity, celebrate small successes, and welcome new teammates to your office.