Nitronaut Intern Series: Hannah Commans, Copywriting Intern

Nitro interns are a rare breed of human. They’re hungry for working world experience, and for taking on work that makes an impact on an organization. Today, we’re focusing on Hannah Commans, a senior double-majoring in English and History at UC Berkeley. Hannah joined the Creative Team as the Copywriting Intern.

So Hannah, how did you discover Nitro?

Well, I only applied to places that I had heard of, and I was familiar with Nitro because I have a Lenovo laptop-which came configured with the Pro software. Nitro’s copywriting internship popped up online, and after doing some research on the company’s culture, I knew I had to apply. (Note: Hannah was impressed with this site, showcasing life at Nitro).

Cool site! Is that what prompted you to ultimately choose Nitro?

That, coupled with the fact that I’d be doing real tasks, led me to select Nitro. At other companies, I felt like my time would be spent making copious amounts of coffee and copies-busywork, basically. But during my interview process, I was told about a bunch of projects that I’d be able to dig into, among them drafting blog posts and organizing a calendar for our various social media channels.


What other projects have you done so far?

I’ve written and edited content for marketing and email campaigns, devised social media strategies, and helped develop an in-app user guide for Nitro Pro that is currently in the works. Keep a look out for that! My favorite project thus far has been developing a company style guide. My first day in the office, my mentor, Alicia, sent me a rough draft, and since then it has become my baby. I actually just got the layout for an interactive landing page approved by the design guys; needless to say, I am extremely excited about it. I have a few friends who helped their writing skills by entering a writing contest/contests online and ut really helped them build up their creativity and confidence.

Sounds like you’re keeping busy! Can you tell us about your typical 9 to 5?

Sure! I first head straight to the kitchen for my daily dose of coffee and cinnamon toast crunch. Then I power up my computer and blast some Vanilla Ice, getting ready for a blur of staring at Microsoft Word while editing and writing, sitting in on meetings, and taking frequent candy breaks-more than three and less than twelve (Note: Hannah knows all the secret candy locations in the office.)

All that candy has to be your favorite part of your internship, right?

The candy is definitely awesome, but the best part is all the fantastic people I get to interact with on a daily basis. I can tell that everyone in the office wants to be here and is looking to succeed. It’s amazing to me how one minute, we can be discussing future marketing plans, and the next, we’re seeing who can flick a bottle cap across the office better; it really goes to show Nitro’s motto of “work smart, play hard” in action.


Do you think your internship at Nitro has provided you with clarity about what you would like to do come graduation?

Definitely. Since I was twelve, I was set on going into copy-editing, but now I can see myself working in other areas like content production. I would love to be able to develop a brand, rather than focusing solely on cultivating an author’s work.

Ok, Hannah, last question: if you had to summarize your experience at Nitro in one sentence, what would it be?

Nitro is a place where I can build a Game of Thrones rendition out of Nitro employee bobbleheads and then turn around and send a couple emails to our Melbourne office about RMS integration. It’s a very different place, and I’m so glad to be here!

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