Scala.JS, #Hacked.


The Scala.JS hackathon at Nitro HQ was a HUGE success. We’re incredibly grateful to all the people who helped make this event a hit. A big thanks to the technology evangelists who shared their knowledge and love for Scala, and to the hackathon participants, who spent well over 8 hours engineering their projects. You made this a truly engaging and enjoyable experience!

During the hackathon there were heaps of energy drinks, snacks and engineers hacking and coding, both individually and as teams. The hacking wrapped up around 9:00pm, just in time for the judges’ panel (shoutout to Li Haoyi, James Ward, Dick Wall, Tiho Bajic, and Alexy Khrabrov), where the best code was evaluated. The lucky (read: super skilled) winner was Julie Pitt – huge congratulations to you, Julie! We’re #nitroproud and we hope you enjoy your brand new iPad Air.

When he wasn’t busy judging code, Nitro Chief Scientist Alexy Khrabrov was running around taking photos of all the action – check them out here.

And if you missed the opportunity to #HackScalaJS this time, don’t fret! You can join in the fun at the SF Scala meetup we’re hosting at Nitro HQ next week on February 5th from 6:00-9:00pm. See you there!