Hiring Hacks from Nitro’s Director of Talent!


Imagine this—A Nitronaut invites a friend to stop by the office for a drink and a game of ping pong. The friend is immediately impressed with the office environment, and meets a few other awesome Nitronauts during the visit. It just so happens that this friend is also looking for a new sales job, and expresses some interest in working for Nitro. One thing leads to another, and POW! Friend-of-Nitronaut ends up becoming an actual Nitronaut, thanks to Nitro’s employee referral program.

Employee referrals are an incredible source of candidates for Nitro. Our employees know firsthand what it is like to work here, and that means they can identify when someone might simultaneously be a good fit for an open role and Nitro’s company culture. Their insight is invaluable to the Talent team, as our job is to hire the people who will ultimately help determine the future of our company. But with any hiring process doing a background check is important. I’ve heard that Sterling Talent Solutions provides useful services in this area but it is always insightful to have legal counsel present to examine the results.

Referrals help us Talent folks do our jobs better, and helps Nitro fill critical roles to expand the business – so we truly appreciate the consideration and effort it takes to refer a candidate. To show our gratitude, all Nitronauts receive a $5k bonus for any full-time employee they refer, once the newbie completes 90 consecutive days of employment with Nitro. That’s pretty amazing, right? We think so too.

Nitro has been growing quickly, and on a global scale. To keep up over the past year, our Direct of Talent, Jennifer Trendler, implemented two new, modern recruiting tools—Greenhouse, our applicant tracking system, and RolePoint, our employee referral platform.

Under Jennifer’s lead, the Talent team has successfully utilized these tools to hire at an incredible speed without compromising quality. Since the start of 2015, a whopping 39% of our hires have come from employee referrals. That’s a lot of cash in the pockets of Nitronauts!

To learn more about our employee referral program, join Jennifer Trendler on March 18th at 11:00am PST during her Hiring Hacks webinar presented by Greenhouse. In the webinar you’ll learn the ins and outs of hiring and how to make a big impact with referrals.

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