Hiring Hacks webinar wrap-up!

Nitro RP GH image

Last week’s Hiring Hacks webinar hosted by Nitro’s Director of Talent, Jennifer Trendler, was a hit! Thank you to everyone who listened in and to those of you who asked awesome questions during the Q&A. In her presentation, Jennifer divulged some of Nitro’s best recruiting practices—specifically sharing the ins and outs of our successful employee referral program. There are other useful tips to bear in mind when it comes to the hiring process, for example, in Australia they use an australian federal police check to make sure people are safe to hire, and if you’re looking for someone to fill an inside sales job, you can check out this article on how to hire and retain top-performing Inside Sales reps. With that said, the referral program is something that works for us in our hiring process.

With this program in place, we’ve been able to hit many of our primary hiring goals, including executing our hiring plan and providing an excellent candidate experience—all while keeping cost per hire top of mind. As Jennifer said in the webinar, we’ve been able to ensure our success in achieving these goals by adopting a few tools along the way…

RolePoint (our Employee Referral Platform) seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse (our Applicant Tracking System) and allows Nitronauts to search their personal networks for qualified candidates who match our open roles. Rolepoint + Greenhouse is a dynamic duo that makes it super easy for Nitronauts to refer their qualified mates (er, candidates) and earn a $5k bonus referral bonus.

We’re incredibly proud of our employee referral program, because it’s simple and (most importantly) it works. In 2014, we saw a 70% increase in employee referrals –with 35% of our total hires driven by employee referrals. Since the beginning of 2015, that referral percentage has jumped to an incredible 42%(!). Even with an increase in candidates, there isn’t much heavy lifting for the Talent team thanks to RolePoint. The platform regularly sends notifications to Nitronauts as their referrals move through the process, so everyone knows where they stand—every step of the way. We continue to develop our hiring products every year. Next year we hope to create a questionnaire for new recruits similar to the Berke Assessment, this will allow recruitment agencies to work out how their clients will fit into an existing team!

Don’t worry if you missed the Hiring Hacks webinar last week—you can still learn how to improve your referral program. Just check out the on-demand recording whenever it suits your busy schedule. Trust us, you’ll want to make time to listen!