Researchers, Startups, and Open-Source @ Text by the Bay


Even if you’ve never heard of Natural Language Processing (NLP), you still experience its benefits on a daily basis. See, in a nutshell, NLP is a computer science that explores the interactions between computers and human language. The breakthroughs in this field of study have made “smart” machines like the iPhone (and other, more sophisticated tools) available to the masses.

That’s a very high-level explanation of a very complex area of study, so if you’re looking to expand your NLP horizons, you should check out Text by the Bay (TBTB) next weekend. This two-day conference (April 24th-25th) will be full of opportunities to share code, talk data, and discuss best practices with experts from the field.  So whether you’re a Scala developer or a startup founder looking for the best open source code, Text by the Bay will have something for you.

Mark Liberman, Professor of Linguistics & Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania, and Aaron Patzer of will be headlining at the event alongside over 40 speakers from companies such as Twitter, Cloudera, AirBnB, and Linkedin.

The inaugural Text by the Bay conference will feature presentations on topics ranging from Apache Spark to Genome Analysis to PDF Processing. We couldn’t be more proud to have 6 Nitronaut speakers at the event, including our CEO, Sam Chandler , and CTO, Tiho Bajic.

It’s our honor to host everyone at Galvanize, an academic campus committed to bridging the gap between industry and education. The campus is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Montgomery BART Station in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco.

You can save 30% on your Text by the Bay admission when you buy with promo code ‘TEXTNITRO’ – get your ticket here! And if a sweet discount isn’t enough to get you talking text next weekend, our Chief Scientist, Alexy Khrabrov, gives you his top 5 reasons to attend the first ever Text by the Bay.

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