How to Achieve Astonishing Speed in Your Document Workflows


Your organization faces formidable competition in the race to the top of your industry, and you’re constantly jostling for first position. The business tools you choose, especially the ones that power your document workflows, can be a key differentiator in how quickly and effectively you can share information with customers – and determine whether (or not) you win their business.

Today we’re highlighting four ways you can leverage the speed and functionality of Nitro Pro 10 to accelerate the document workflows that drive your business.

#1: Open documents faster

Scenario: it’s the start of your workday, and you’re diving into a full review of a new project proposal for your largest client. It’s 450 pages of PDF, full of high-res images and charts. You double click the document icon on your desktop, and…surprise! You’re in for a 30-second wait while your PDF editor starts up.

When you’re settled in and ready to get to work on a document, waiting for the file to open can significantly throw off your productivity “qi,” opening the door for any number of distractions (Email! Facebook! A chat with your neighbor!). If you work with large files regularly, the compiled time spent waiting can be debilitating.

That’s why we focused on speed when we built Nitro Pro 10. As a result, it starts up 40% faster than any version before it, allowing you to open the largest documents without delay and maintain the momentum that’s critical to your workflows.

#2: Eliminate productivity bottlenecks

Many of our customers have told us they made the switch to Nitro from Adobe Acrobat because of cost – meaning more users (full teams, even!) get access to a PDF editor, rather than a select group. Case in point, Spiceworks member IMABEV, an IT Pro in the government sector, says:

“Our choice was this: License 20 copies of Acrobat Pro or 150 copies of Nitro. Switching to Nitro was a no-brainer.”

When a few select users have access to a PDF editor, it’s common for them to be interrupted with requests from colleagues. Do any of these questions sound familiar “Can you combine these documents for me?” or “Can you convert this to Word when you have a second?” We call this productivity killer the “document bottleneck,” a problem that’s becoming more prevalent as doing business digitally becomes the norm.

#3: Do more in less time with batch processing

Imagine you have 200 scanned files on your desktop waiting to be made searchable and editable with OCR (Optimal Character Recognition). Rather than open each document individually, you can execute a single OCR command for all 200 documents at once – in, as one might say, a batch.

The same holds true for other potentially time-consuming processes, like file conversion, password protection, and even printing – though we’d rather leave the paper out of it.

#4: Initiate online workflows from your desktop

Nitro Pro 10 is the fastest way to create, prepare, and sign documents. The unique integration with Nitro Cloud, our online document workflow solution, enables you to securely share PDFs from the desktop, request eSignatures, and initiate collaboration and approval workflows, without ever leaving the desktop application. No paper, no printing – just a few clicks is all you’ll need to accelerate your document workflows.

Ready to change your document habits and speed up your business? Download a free trial today and see what a difference Nitro Pro 10 makes.