How to Password Protect PDF Files Without Acrobat

Users password-protect PDF files for multiple reasons – the most obvious being the desire for heightened security. When an author protects a document, they can restrict certain actions that can’t be performed unless a password is given – like editing the PDF, printing the document, and even opening the file.

Here’s a breakdown of how to password-protect PDFs using Nitro Pro:

1. In Nitro Pro, click on the ‘Protect‘ tab, then select ‘Password Security‘.

You will see multiple options here. Checking the ‘open password‘ box will require users to enter a password each time they open the PDF. In addition, you can set a ‘permissions‘ password and designate whether it will be required for users that wish to print and/or edit the PDF.

PDF Password Protection

2. Once you have set your passwords and selected the actions for which they’ll be required, select ‘Finish’ to activate the password protection.

When someone opens a PDF that is password-protected in Nitro Pro, the restricted functions – those protected by a password – will be greyed out and inaccessible to the user.

For example, if you require a password for printing, the print function will be greyed out until the correct password is given.

It’s important to note that if you forget the password you apply there’s no way of recovering them – so make sure you have them documented in a safe place!

This how-to was originally posted in our online Support Forum. Check it out to explore more of Nitro Pro’s advanced features!