8 Old-School Document Habits to Trash or Treasure

As the landscape of our desk space moves away from notepads and Bic pens to thumb drives and Google glass, we can’t help but cling to certain relics that have been made obsolete by modern apps and gadgets. Call us romantics, hipsters, or just out-of-touch, but the fact remains, it’s hard to give up what you know.

document habits

So, we developed a short list of old school document habits to help you determine what to trash and what to treasure:

Trash It

Email Attachments

If you work in an office, chances are you’re bombarded with emails. All. Day. Long. Most people have a love/hate relationship with their inbox, so why add more noise to an already chaotic space with attachments. If you want to keep your documents accessible, searchable and easy to manage, use Nitro to collaborate with coworkers and colleagues.

A Written Check

With all the online billing and bank apps out there, it’s surprising that anyone would ever need to write a check. We’re convinced the only people keeping bank checks alive are crotchety landlords that refuse to make it convenient for tenants to pay rent on time (we’re looking at you, SF).

Paper Agreements

No one should be subject to the old print, sign and scan routine. It’s inefficient, wasteful and unnecessary. That’s why Nitro makes it easier than ever to sign on the desktop, tablet or phone. Trust us, it feels just as good to sign on the digital dotted line.

Printed Meeting Agenda

It may seem silly but there are thousands of companies guilty of this outdated procedure. Want to let your coworkers know what to expect from today’s meeting? Send your agenda or brief through Evernote or Slack or project it in the meeting room—ditching the paper is a no-brainer.

Treasure It

A Trusty Notepad

Whether it’s a legal pad or monogrammed leather bound notebook, we still think having a place to scribble notes is priceless. Sure there are countless apps for note taking, but there’s no replacement for the satisfaction felt after an epic doodle session.

A Great Pen

A reliable pen used to be paramount to the workplace. Now companies and conferences give them out like candy—but beware—those free pens are often cheap and untrustworthy. A reliable pen with a little bit of weight and a smooth roll might be the most underrated office accessory.

A Handwritten Note

We’re convinced this gesture will never go out of style. Whether you’re following up on an interview, thanking a coworker for going above and beyond or just telling a loved one how much you care – paper and pen wins every time. It’s easy, thoughtful and rarely goes unnoticed.

The Typewriter

OK, this one’s not really a keeper in regards to real-world application but the thought of trashing a typewriter just seems overkill. Plus, it’s now hipper than ever to display your vintage typewriter in your home. After all, it says, “I’m an intellectual that’s passionate about literature and social issues.”

Would you add or change anything on this list? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what old-school habits you keep around.