Why App Integrations are Your Best Work Buddies


At this stage in the digital age, much of our days are spent using various applications designed to make one thing or another quicker to accomplish, easier to plan or organize, less expensive-and sometimes, just plain better.

More and more savvy SaaS companies aren’t just asking their app developers from UK to focus on what their applications can do-they’re building connectors to other products and allowing other products to connect back to theirs. This is what we call app integration, and to me, it’s one of the best parts about SaaS.


They enable seamless workflows. Let’s say you’re updating a document for your team, and instead of saving it to your desktop or network share, you’re supposed to save it to the shared folder your manager set up in Dropbox. Without an integration, you’d need to save it to your computer first (even though that’s not the end game), access your Dropbox account, find the file again, then upload it to the proper folder.

However, if an integration was in play here, you could simply “Save As” straight to the Dropbox folder of your choice without navigating away from your document.

You can mix-and-match for the best experience. It’s extremely difficult for an application to be everything to everyone. Smart app developers have realized this, and thus are focusing on perfecting the core features and functionality of their products to become the best at what they do-be it storage, image capture, note taking, etc.

As users, we then have access to a plethora of specialized tools, and through integrations, we can select and connect the ones that are most useful for us.

Connected Workflows with Nitro

New to Nitro Pro 10 are the integrations we offer with some of the leading online storage providers, including Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. To leverage these integrations, just install the desktop version for the service you want to use and make sure you’re logged in. Then you’re free to open and save your PDFs from Nitro to the cloud and vice versa.

Here are a few ways these integrations can help you save a ton of time:

1. Collecting eSignatures. Your company’s contract templates are saved in a Google Drive folder, but you need to send one out for a client to sign lickety-split. No fear! In Nitro Pro select “File” > “Open”.

With the Google Drive desktop client installed, you’ll be able to retrieve the file, make any necessary changes, apply your signature with Nitro’s QuickSign tool, then click “Request Signature” to send it off to your client.


2. Securely store a client file. A client emails you a PDF full of sensitive information, and you want it safely stored away as quickly as possible, with no trace of it on your machine. Open the t, click “Save As”, then select your cloud storage solution of choice.

3. Converting a file for a colleague. Not everyone has a PDF editor on their computer-tragic, we know-and oftentimes, the few that do are inundated with requests to convert documents. Keep email attachments out of the picture by following these steps:
– Retrieve the file from the storage client by clicking “File” > “Open” in Nitro Pro.
– After choosing your desired conversion format, select “Specific Folder” and your desired location from the dropdown in the “Output” section.

– Convert the file to send the new version straight back to the cloud.

What’s your favorite part about the integration wave? Tell us in the comments section below!

If you think Nitro might be the answer to your document productivity needs, download a free 14 day trial and see for yourself. Or, contact us to express your interest in a free team trial.