Honoring 25 Masters of IT Asset Management


To master a given craft, one must obtain comprehensive knowledge and skill. In the IT asset management (ITAM) world, masters are called upon to support complete life cycle management and strategic direction for their organizations within budget.

For their organizations to truly be successful, they must hold complete control over daily and long-term strategic management, including planning, monitoring, license recording, financing, and procurement. Masters of ITAM can reduce overall total cost of ownership from their programs, as well as impact service levels from the help desk to the sales team. Every decision made by these masters has a direct correlation to how their organizations function and manage their IT revenues.

We wish to honor the following 25 ITAM masters and their individual proficiencies, ranging from critical inventory management to efficiencies in document productivity. The following 25 masters have demonstrated the best qualities for effective ITAM, and in some cases have increased their mastery in other disciplines.

Meet these 25 masters of IT asset management, and learn why they earned that mastery status.

Masters of Productivity

1 Joe CasserlyJoe Casserly, Global Software Asset Manager, AECOM
Why he was honored: Joe has a special place in his heart for software license management, a responsibility that commonly sets IT heads spinning. His ability to organize complex quantities of licenses while translating complex IT speak for non-techies helps eliminate back-and-forth to drive projects forward.

2 Farah RiekerFarah Rieker, PMO Lead, AbbVie
Why she was honored: Farah brings in over 20 years of IT infrastructure experience, ranging from brands in health care, pharmaceuticals, retail, and airline/travel. She instituted a PC refresh program that upgraded over 2,000 laptops for a pharmaceutical company, enabling users with improved technology to do their jobs better.

3 Larry RoachelleLarry Roachelle, IT Asset Program Manager – Concentra
Why he was honored: Larry spearheaded the implementation of an industry-leading IT and medical device asset management solution, demonstrating superior project management skills by delivering a fully compliant and on-budget result. He is dedicated to the International ITAM best practice standardization.

4 Rene BensonRene Benson, Enterprise Asset Management IT Manager – Exelon
Why she was honored: Rene has deep experience in all phases of enterprise-level asset management, from project management to documentation and compliance. Her strategic, process-oriented approach brings order to large-scale projects, enabling the most productive contributions from colleagues and clients alike.

5 Jennah BordsonJennah Bordson, IT Asset Manager – Software, Allianz Life
Why she was honored: Jennah does double-duty as a IT Asset Manager and licensed attorney, applying her legal expertise to analyze high value software contracts. She recently developed a strategy to integrate her organization’s existing SAM practices/processes with a new ServiceNow implementation.

Masters of Cost Management

6 Brian DeSotoBrian R. DeToto, Software Asset Manager – Licensing Specialist, Cardinal Health
Why he was honored: Brian led software license redistribution efforts that saved his company over $100,000 annually, and has continued to optimize standard procedures for additional cost savings.

7 April HornApril Horn, Software Asset Manager – Allianz Managed Operations and Services of America
Why she was honored: In her own words, April reached this stage in her career by doing what she does best: “gathering data, analyzing, executing, and developing the processes and procedures to sustain cost control and accountability.”

8 Tim BarnesTim Barnes, Global IT Asset Manager – Sykes Enterprises, Inc.
Why he was honored: Tim is especially adept at ensuring compliance, and avoiding any legal or regulatory issues with records management. His Optimized Software Asset Management program resulted in increased cost control, reduced complexity, increased utilization of software assets and mitigated audit risk.

9 Estancia BellEstancia Bell, Manager/AVP, IT Asset and Configuration Management – First Citizens Bank
Why she was honored: Her efforts at IT operations in the communications and financial industries help streamline IT assets, agreements and contracts worldwide. She managed the transition from physical servers to a VMware environment across eastern North Carolina, improving network efficiency and reducing hardware costs across the business.

10 Christine BeckenChristine Becken, Senior IT Asset and Configuration Manager – MedAssets
Why she was honored: Christine has developed IT asset management policies and processes improvement plans for a variety of verticals, including hospitality and government. She managed and analyzed a multi-million dollar IT maintenance budget for a high-profile hospitality organization.

Masters of Compliance

11 Rodney PennyRodney Penny, VP, IT Asset Management – SunTrust
Why he was honored: Beginning his IT career in the United States Army, Rodney has since risen to management of all IT assets at major healthcare and financial organizations. He introduced a metrics and analysis system as a solution to assess operational efficiency and compliance with regulatory procedures.

12 Gabriel Rojo, JrGabriel Rojo Jr., Software Asset Manager – Matlen Silver
Why he was honored: Gabriel excels at procurement management (which likely has included many of the methods a government contracts attorney would find useful) and driving success with Lean methodologies. He champions the procurement process while managing hardware assets, monitoring SLAs and regularly auditing for compliance.

13 Ann MarshAnn Marsh, IT Manager, IT Asset Management – Medtronic
Why she was honored: Ann has a “relentless determination to increase compliance in a huge and complex global environment,” according to a previous contact at an international food conglomerate. In addition to her ITAM role at Medtronic, she also serves as CFO for a small painting company.

14 Mary HauensteinMary Hauenstein, IT Asset Management Analyst – Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota
Why she was honored: Mary controls the entire corporate-wide Asset Management program for the healthcare giant’s Minnesota branch, mastering complex vendor licensing methodologies models for all external software vendors across portfolio of 500+ software products.

15 John LaBarJohn LaBar, Manager, Software Asset Manager – MUFG in the Americas
Why he was honored: John’s influence has ranged across several verticals, including healthcare and financial services. He has documented a discovery and reconciliation compliance process that resulted in actionable metrics, increased accuracy and continence in process.

Masters of Standardization

16 Heather YoungHeather Young, Corporate Software Asset Manager – Google
Why she was honored: In addition to service in software asset management for the tech giant, Heather also is an active United States representative to the Internal Organization for Standardization, working to improve SAM standards worldwide.

17 Lori HartmanLori Hartman, IT Infrastructure PM/Implementation Specialist – Riverside University Health System
Why she was honored: Lori managed several high-profile projects for her healthcare client, including implementation projects with Office 365, upgrading their coding system to the new ICD-10 standard, and implementing a time tracking system with Kronos.

18 Sharon WeisfeldSharon Weisfeld, IT Asset Management and Procurement – Eaton
Why she was honored: Sharon has been the voice of IT asset management and analysis at Eaton for three decades. Throughout her time she has built three support organizations, implemented PC standards and a PC asset management/leasing program, and debuted a Remedy Asset Management module now in use at all global Eaton locations.

19 Madelyn ChappellMadelyn Chappell, IT Software Asset Manager – Northrop Grumman
Why she was honored: Madelyn brings over 15 years of experience in IT asset management, specializing in engineering for defense and space firms. She focuses on the effective application and standardization of client use software for enterprise clients.

20 Sue SchelonkaSue Schelonka, IT Asset Manager, Prime Therapeutics
Why she was honored: Sue holds a variety of industries in her repertoire, including work for a major IT services organization as well as her current work in the insurance industry. She leverages HP Asset Manager and ServiceNow Software Asset Management in her roles.

Masters of IT Architecture

21 Tiffany HuiTiffany Hui, Senior Director, IT Asset Management – Visa
Why she was honored: Tiffany brings over 10 years of IT asset management experience, much of it gained during her time with the premier payments technology company. She is responsible for over 20,000 hardware assets across four major data centers and 70+ country offices.

22 Wally WaltnerWally Waltner, Practice Leader, IT Asset Management – RevealIT Solutions, Inc.
Why he was honored: Wally excels at organizational management, business process design, and technology integration, is an expert at ITIL v3, and is focused on translating complex technical concepts into understandable business terms.

23 Erica GoetzmanErica Goetzman, Global IT Contract Program Manager, Medtronic
Why she was honored: Erica brought her software asset management skills to various organizations, and currently manages global IT contract management, negotiation, risk management, and partnership with strategic vendors.

24 Christine LindeChristine Linde, Senior Software Asset Manager, West Region — Microsoft
Why she was honored: Leading up to her current role at Microsoft, Christine managed the US rollout of the Next Generation of Volume Licensing (NGVL) as part of a multi-year effort to transform Microsoft’s licensing and transaction platform.

25 Suzan LiuSuzan Liu, Senior Manager, Software Asset and Configuration – United Airlines
Why she was honored: Suzan has “in-depth experience in business analytics, process improvement, business architecture, project delivery, data analysis and reporting and lean six sigma principles.” She has served in the airline industry for over ten years.

We’re proud to be recognizing these Masters of IT and Software Asset Management and the impact they’ve had on their organizations!

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