How Nitro Enables IT Teams to Win

Nitro customer survey proves IT satisfaction in key performance areas.

We recently honored 25 Masters of IT Asset Management for delivering significant impact to their organizations in the areas of productivity, standardization, cost, IT infrastructure, and compliance. The contributions of these masters and others like them are critical to the success of large organizations, where it’s normal for many thousands of software and hardware assets to be in use at any given time. Consequences of improper asset management range from bank-breaking fines to resource-draining audits, so the importance of diligent maintenance can’t be understated.

It can seem, however, like the policies of some hardware and software vendors make an IT Asset Manager’s job more difficult—complicated licensing terms, surprise audits, and inaccessible customer support to name a few.

Here at Nitro, we strive to make life easier for our customers, offering simple solutions that help IT professionals become masters within their organizations. Flip through the deck below to see how.