The Scala Center is Open for Innovation!

We at Nitro are thrilled to announce our involvement in the Scala Center, a new not-for-profit foundation for the Scala programming language established at EPFL, one of the world’s leading research institutes and universities.

As the first formal open-source foundation for Scala itself, the mission of the Scala Center is to:

  • Independently guide and support the Scala community
  • Coordinate and develop open source libraries and tools for the benefit of all Scala users
  • Provide deep, and quality, educational materials for Scala

Over the past 18 months, Nitro has been a fervent supporter of the advancement of Scala, with our Chief Scientist Alexy Khrabrov leading the charge. Having organized, hosted, and sponsored multiple events for the Scala communities in San Francisco and Dublin—including Scala By the Bay and Dublin Spark Meetup—Nitro’s stewardship was most recently recognized by Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala himself, when he personally invited us to join the Scala Center as a founding member. Naturally, we accepted.

What Scala Center Means for Nitro

Better Solutions
The Scala Center’s open-source ecosystem strengthens Nitro’s engineering across the board. Having replatformed onto Scala, our Research Engineers and Platform Engineers will benefit from the ability to connect and engage with other members of the open-source community to drive innovation, and, ultimately, help Nitro to offer better solutions to our customers.

Being a founding member of Scala Center is a pivotal result of Nitro’s technical community stewardship, which was also a key driver of the establishment of our Research Engineering team and growth of our Platform team. Scala Center will be instrumental in the continued development of Nitro’s reputation as an employer of choice among top-level senior software engineers. We get access to exceptional talent at EPFL (boom!) and have the opportunity to nurture partnerships with other founding member companies (including IBM, Verizon, Lightbend, Goldman Sachs, and 47 Degrees).

Scala Center membership enables one of Nitro’s core engineering values: building and supporting a reliable, widely supported, open-source platform. We achieve it by having a say in the evolution of the open-source Scala ecosystem, which is core to our Nitro Platform, Cloud, and smart documents efforts. In essence, we have a real opportunity to help steer one of the key ships in our fleet.

We are truly excited to be a part of Scala Center and look forward to engaging with the community to advance the language and its tools while educating others about the value and possibilities of Scala.

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