Better Document Practices That Can Actually Advance Your Career

With the chaos of the holidays behind us and the fresh promise of a new year stretching before us, Q1 is an apt time for people to revisit and refine their career ambitions. While resolutions like “get promoted” or “get a raise” are terrific end goals, it’s the daily decision to “accomplish more, better” that sets us up to actually achieve these lofty objectives.

But where do we start? Document practices are an often-overlooked opportunity to streamline your time and stand out in your career. Here you’ll find simple suggestions to make every day a little more productive.

Your first mission:

Accomplish More

1. Focus on time-saving workflows

Certain tasks—such as getting a contract signed, a PO approved or an invoice processed—are dreaded for their drain on time and patience. Instead of idly waiting, allocate your time toward more valuable tasks by replacing these signing and approval processes with faster, more efficient workflows.

Electronically requesting signatures can help you get your important documents signed faster—while accelerating your sales cycle and your daily to-do list. Real-time notifications and activity tracking enable you to instantly know when your contact views or signs the document—so when your manager asks about the status of a contract or agreement, you’ll always be ready with an answer.

2. Increase your efforts to collaborate

Exposing your work to more team members will help additional colleagues realize the high quality of your work. Try sharing your next project or presentation with colleagues to collaborate, brainstorm, and get their opinion. You’ll still have full control over edits and versions, while simultaneously showing your work to more people. You will also demonstrate initiative by seeking feedback and opinions.

As you broaden your professional network and work with a higher volume of colleagues, you can make yourself and your role more valuable while also gaining the important reputation of being a team player.

Now for your second mission:

Do It Better

1. Ensure you have the most important document tools

PDF is the most ubiquitous document format in the world. In fact, 2.5 trillion PDFs are created every year, and PDFs account for 80% of all non-HTML online documents and 70% of all email attachments.

A fully equipped PDF solution will help you skillfully work with any PDF—whether you need to edit a contract, create a purchase order, or convert your PDF to any Microsoft Office format. Then, you can share them with the confidence that your formatting will remain consistent, regardless of the device that your colleague, client, or manager may be using.

2. Eliminate printing

One of the most noticeable ways to provide value to your employer is by directly impacting the company’s bottom line. By eliminating printing from your daily workflow, you can help lower costs by reducing the spend on paper, ink, toner, and other costly printing-related expenses. Since most offices are now striving to achieve digital transformation and bolster sustainability, your efforts to go paperless can position yourself as a company advocate, helping the organization reach its larger corporate initiatives.

On a personal note, reducing your printing also helps you maintain focus and save time throughout your day. Instead of breaking your focus with a trip to the printer or enduring the time-squandering cycle of printing, signing, and scanning, digital workflows can help you preserve productivity and concentration throughout your projects.

3. Increase on-the-go productivity

As the workplace has become more mobile, clients and managers no longer adhere to traditional time-frames. While maintaining a healthy work/life balance is still the best way to avoid burnout, it does pay to be aware of—and respond to—after-hours updates and requests. For example, the difference between landing or losing a big deal, or standing out on a project or being outshone, may be as simple as updating a document when you’re technically off the clock.

Choosing document management software that has integrations with your favorite cloud-storage devices—from Google Drive and Dropbox to SharePoint and Box—will be critical to completing workflows, even if you’re at home, away from your computer, or at a client’s office. Your clients will appreciate your dedication and responsiveness, while your manager will take notice of your ability to handle urgent issues.

How has productivity (or the lack thereof) affected your career? Which workflows have yielded the best career results? Tell us about it here!

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