Delivering on Digital Demands

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high in today’s digital age. The same goes for our modern workforce, where employees are demanding an easy-to-navigate suite of tools to help them complete day-to-day tasks with simplicity and efficiency. They want the tools they need to be productive now.

In the enterprise, IT leaders are tasked with finding solutions that meet these evolving employee expectations. But with so many priorities on the agenda, how can IT ensure the organization’s employees are equipped with the tools they need to succeed?

Say hello to digitization.

By enabling all employees to work digitally, IT can help bridge the gap between an organization’s people and its processes, alleviating common barriers to productivity.“But it’s 2018,” you may think. “Everyone has a laptop and smartphone. Everyone is already working digitally.” Not so!

In the area of document management and productivity, for example, MS Office is ubiquitous, yet critical solutions like PDF and eSignature tools—miscategorized as expensive and complex—are limited to only a few knowledge workers.

The lack of availability of these tools in the enterprise causes a LOT of printing, which—surprise!—is the exact opposite of digitization.

Denis Pombriant addresses this predicament in his recent article, Document Management Revisited. He states, “Many CIOs would love the chance to streamline their document-dependent processes and the ROI for most of them is readily apparent in avoiding the costs of paper, printing, and better customer engagement. But with upwards of 80 percent of their budgets, on average, dedicated to keeping the lights on, it’s hard to grab even the low-hanging fruit if it means a purchase. You can find the lowest of the low-hanging fruit not in some exotic business processes, but in the everyday customer administration that organizations spend so much time in.”

Public service announcement: Equipping every team (finance, marketing, legal, payroll…the list goes on) with a better, more modern way to accomplish their goals starts with delivering digital tools for everyone.

In Nitro’s latest eBook, “Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Workplace,” we offer some snackable insights on how to approach this growing demand. We discuss the ever-growing importance of equipping every user (yes, even the finance guys) with strategic tools to accelerate day-to-day processes, as well as outline simple steps to help you get started with a digital business. For help with advertising your company, you could consider link building to increase the awareness of your business, whether you want to promote your finance business or your IT services. This may result in more business for your company, getting you started in the correct way.

Digitization bridges the gap between people and process. Don’t limit your possibilities by limiting your users. Make sure to try and always increase the amount of business you have because it’s not fair to your users and it’s definitely not fair to your bottom line.

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