Nitro DX Round-Up June: Crucial Skills, Key Leadership Traits, and Empowered Businesses

At Nitro, we want to empower knowledge workers with the right digital tools. We believe successful digital transformation begins on a foundational level, by equipping all users with strategic, easy-to-use tools that replace printing and legacy paper processes. 

In an effort to help businesses transform more seamlessly, we’re offering the second edition of our monthly Digital Transformation round-up—and with summer in full swing, we invite you to take a break from the sunshine to see what’s happening in the wide world of DX. 

Now without further ado, here’s your June round-up: 

Leveraging digital transformation 

‘DX is all about leveraging technology to find new, different and better ways of doing things. For example, look at how the use of digital signature has changed the way we do business. We are still signing many of the exact same documents for legal, financial or medical services but now instead of driving into an office and using a pen or faxing physically signed documents back and forth, we can review and sign important agreements with our cell phones.’  Jeffrey Ton interviews Vic Tingler on how companies can use DX to empower businesses for the future. 

5 Leadership Traits Required For Digital Transformation Success 

Forbes contributor Daniel Newman takes a look at the five traits he feels every leader needs to possess if they want their organizations to not just change but thrive in change. Take a read of the article here and see how many of these traits you recognize in your leaders. 

The Slow Pace Of Digital Transformation 

“Digital transformation is no longer a choice, it’s an essential driver of revenue, profit and growth,” SAP said.  “Executives need to move from simply understanding the high stakes, to activating complete end-to-end execution across their business.   

This requires innovative breakthrough technologies, investing in digital skills, and retraining the existing workforce. The next two years will be a key inflection point, which will separate the digital winners from those left behind.” While the benefits of DX are well documented, Adi Gaskell discusses the slow pace at which we are seeing some organizations transform. 

Crucial CIO skills for digital transformation success

What do CIOs making the most progress with digital transformation have in common? Well according to Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group, they know how to nurture cross-functional collaboration. Peter discusses the role of Digital Transformation in helping organizations create new competitive advantages over their competition and the crucial skills CIOs need to lead their teams on this path. 

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