Nitro DX Round-Up July: Evolving Roles, New Realities and Changing Expectations

In an effort to help businesses transform more seamlessly, we’re offering the third edition of our monthly Digital Transformation roundup —  in this edition you will find out how DX has developed over the last 6 years, the importance of having top-level leadership onboard, and some of the key challenges in executing on a DX strategy.

Now without further ado, here’s your July round-up:

Digital Transformation and the Evolving Role of the CIO

The role of the CIO in modern organizations is expanding. They are no longer relegated to the back office but viewed as having an important part to play in revenue and growth enablement.

“It is crucial that CIOs are able to explain to leadership the reasons why something needs to be changed, as opposed to simply explaining how to go about this change. They should be able to articulate how onboarding certain solutions will affect bottom lines and help achieve goals.”

In this article, Miguel Khouri discusses how organizations should contend with the increasing external pressure to digitalize and what part CIOs should play in this journey.

Embracing the reality of digital transformation

“The starting point for digital disruption is top-level leadership” or at least this was the opinion at an executive roundtable, “Embrace disruption. Embrace transformation”, organized by CDW back in May.

The roundtable was attended by Andrew Moore, chief transformation officer at Intel, and Nigel Moulton, chief technology officer at Dell EMC. This article outlines some of the key takeaways around the realities of Digital Transformation and takes a look at the importance of top-level leadership when defining a DX strategy.

Four Ways The Right Leadership Drives Digital Transformation

According to Daniel Newman, you can have the right tech, people, and culture in place but if you don’t have the right leadership then real Digital Transformation is going to be a struggle. “To truly lead digital transformation, leadership can’t put their head in the sand. They need to come face to face with where they are—where their customers need them to be—and what it will take to get there”.

In this article, Daniel takes a look at some of the key ways leaders can execute on a Digital Transformation strategy correctly.

Lowered Expectations: We’re No Further Along With Digital Transformation Than In 2012

Is Digital Transformation more complicated than we originally thought? According to Joe McKendrick, that is what the numbers suggest. A recent survey by Capgemini, of 1,338 executives, suggests that DX has turned out to be much more challenging than was previously thought. “Organizations were overly optimistic in 2012 and have now realized the magnitude of the challenge, coupled with rising expectations of markets, employees, and customers”.

Take a read of the full article here to find out some of the challenges and difficulties organizations are facing on their Digital Transformation journey.

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