Don’t Fear The Digital Revolution, Prepare for It

Hey IT Leaders, we’ve got ourselves a problem. With the deluge of Digital Transformation themes continuing to aggressively consume discussions and inboxes, things are starting to get noisy and strategies complex. Let’s back it up a bit shall we? In this month’s #DXRoundup we’re offering up a compact bundle built to help the modern IT innovator navigate these digital waters. If technology revolutions (CRM, Big Data, AI) have taught us one thing: it’s walk before you run. So, take this blog as your “digital trainers” and lace up.

Meet Stephanie Woerner, a Technology MIT researcher and who I’m calling the “Doctor of Digital.” Stephanie has spent this year uncovering and digesting why, how and where digital transformation investments go awry. She recently published a book,  What’s Your Digital Business Model?: Six Questions to Help You Build the Next-Generation Enterprise where she describes how enterprise organizations can rewire themselves to embrace digital to make decisions that accelerate business processes. While technology is the goliath driving transformation, how you build and implement new ways of working also reigns king. Stephanie has outlined 6 questions all IT leaders should ask themselves before they embark on their journey toward digitization. Here they are.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Digital Transformation or the Digital Experience. Every company has its own blueprint, every company is writing (or planning to write) their own digital destiny.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced digital trailblazer, gaining champions to support your strategies and tactics is key to securing internal mindshare and support to move from discovery to execution.  Casey Foss and Kyle Hutchins believe the key to a successful digital transformation is to identify the “digital achievers” within your organization. They define these individuals who embody the “ability to grasp the fundamentals of working and competing in a world revolutionized by technology and who are inspired and motivated to drive change, and they thrive in environments of change”. If you are curious how to identify the “digital achievers” at your organization, this is the article for you.

Any time a new shiny object is introduced to the market, especially one like Digital Transformation that has an opportunity to change the way we exist as humans, there comes a monstrous amount of actionable research. The question is, with so much research, who do you listen to? We suggest Joe McKendrick.  In his latest  ZDNet article, The pressure’s on: digital transformation seen as a make-or-break proposition for IT managers, Joe breaks things down in simple fashion to help IT leaders understand what investments can cause measurable lifts in business impact.

My two cents: Don’t fear the revolution that’s happening under our noses, learn how to make it drive measurable business and revenue impact. Be thoughtful about where to start–consider examining your document management landscape with a finer lens. Why? You will most likely be shocked at what’s there and what can be improved. As Joe says, “Legacy systems hold you back.” Perhaps it’s time for a reboot.