Nitro’s Q3 Partner Deal Spotlight

Welcome to our Q3 partner deal spotlight. To celebrate the value in our partnerships, we’re highlighting our top partner deal from the past quarter. We sat down with our UK enterprise account executive—James Mackay—to hear the tips, processes, and partnerships behind how he landed a deal with one of the world’s largest providers of outsourced development services within the Pharmaceutical industry

A collaborative sales process is key to any deal, can you provide a brief overview on what the process looked like for this specific win?

The foundation of all successful joint-sales opportunities is trust and communication. Since the start of Nitro’s partnership with SoftwareOne, the golden thread that has run through every sales cycle has been that of transparency, honesty and collaboration. That’s what drives innovation and that’s how we make our customers successful in their digital transformation efforts. This can be said of our customer efforts around the world, within every region and segment. So, when a global provider of outsourced development services within the Pharmaceutical industry had an opportunity to modernize their document productivity, SoftwareOne immediately thought of Nitro. This introduction was the result of pro-active customer management and thoughtful guidance. From day one, the conversations were customer-focused – the recipe for a winning outcome. Both SoftwareOne and Nitro were aware of their challenges, their needs, and their requirements from day one of the deal, and never once did the focus stray away from what mattered most: the customer objectives. Not only was sentiment felt by both selling parties, Nitro and SoftwareOne, but the sincere support and direction received by the customer was reflected in the quick close of the deal. Transparency drove the opportunity, communication closed the deal.

Providing attractive margins is a key differentiator in selling Nitro. How did our beneficial and flexible margin structure come into play in this deal?

The flexible nature of our pricing structure is a key differentiator for us. It allows us to adapt and move to the needs of our partners which in the end supports our customers. Out of the gate, we want the partnership to be successful for everyone involved and our attraction margin structures speak to this commitment. In this particular deal we maintained our commitment to flexible margins — analysing different margin models over the course of the deal in order to make sure the SoftwareOne team was competitively compensated.  At Nitro we approach our channel partners as an extension of our own direct sales team. Everything we do – how we communicate, how we strategize, and how we work with our customers – must follow the Nitro way and our approach to partner compensation follows that same thread.

Collaborating on deals fuels positive relationships between vendor and partner. How has this deal led to increased collaboration and mutual wins?

When the experience working with channel partner resembles how you work internally with your own selling team, that’s when you know you have the recipe for a scalable relationship. This is true for Nitro’s relationship with all of our partners, SoftwareOne included. We continue to approach every strategic opportunity with clarity, respect and consistency, thereby ensuring that the ROI on our partnership remains fruitful. Our relationship with SoftwareOne has given us the ability to solidify and expand our existing relationships, but more importantly it has given us the ability to start to build new ones. Our footprint and momentum continues to expand globally, and we’re excited about the story we’re writing with the team at SoftwareOne.

The most important factor in any deal, is the customer. How did Nitro and SoftwareOne work together to ensure that the customer maintained top priority?

When you are working a deal through the channel one of the most important things to get right is not only the communication with the customer but also the communication with the partner. It can be very damaging to a deal when you and the partner are not singing off the same hymn sheet. In this case, we made sure to over communicate to SoftwareOne so they knew at all times what was going on within the end user. Timescales for this deal were very tight so good communication helped us to mitigate any issues that arose throughout the process and made sure that we always had a clear picture of what was most important, which is the customer.