Arming the Modern Workforce with a Better Way to Work with PDF Files

Documents are an essential part of every business operation, from contracts to employee onboarding paperwork to invoices and beyond. Since the 1990s, the PDF file has become the leading force in the digital transformation of the workplace, but IDC estimates that most organizations suffer a 21.3 percent loss of productivity over document challenges.

Today’s workforce needs a better, more common-sense way to work—and paper processes have no place in a digitally transformed office. With a fully integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution, you’re arming your workforce with the arsenal they need to get things done.

The Costs of the Paper-Based Workplace

Enterprise organizations have a significant opportunity to improve how their employees work, and your PDF file productivity solution is the best place to start. But don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Storage: Not only can document storage cost upwards of $880 per year for a single filing cabinet, but how much of the documents that you have in storage are duplicates or outdated? And how many of those documents are filed away to never be used or seen again? Storing paper documents just doesn’t make sense.
  • Copying and printing: Yes, printers are expensive to run—just think of the paper, ink, toner, and machine maintenance costs—but let’s get real: People hate printers. There’s a reason that 23 percent of all IT help desk calls are printer related. Printers old and new are glitchy, impossible to troubleshoot on your own, and when you need something printed on deadline there always seems to be an error.
  • Employee productivity: The average employee wastes countless hours every single week going back and forth to the printer, scanner, or fax machine, not to mention the time spent looking for, filing, and re-filing documents. In one study, 81 percent of employees said they found themselves working on the wrong version of a file, which not only kills productivity, but it stresses your employees out, too.
  • Business process: Managing all that paper usually requires hiring someone to do it, which means additional salaries. On top of that, the average company wastes $2.5 million to $3.5 million per year searching for and recreating lost documents.
  • Security and disaster recovery: Lost or misplaced documents, not to mention documents that aren’t properly disposed of, can pose a huge threat to your company’s data. And we’ve all seen something on the printer that we shouldn’t have—tax returns, bonus statements, flight details. Paper records breaches are more common than you think, and they don’t just happen in the health sector, either. If it’s private, it should be kept digital.
  • Environmental impact: The paper and pulp industry is the third largest contributor to water, air, and soil pollution, and paper makes up 26 percent of solid waste that ends up in landfills.

You can cut down on all of these time-consuming and financially burdensome aspects of the paper-based workplace and drive your company toward efficiency with a fully-supported PDF productivity tool and eSigning solution. No more printing, scanning, or manually editing—with a PDF productivity tool, you can work collaboratively and get signatures quickly, saving you time, effort, and money.

Give the Workforce What it Needs

By implementing a PDF productivity tool and eSigning solution, you’re delivering your entire workforce the best, most efficient way to complete tasks. In the modern workplace, all workers need to be able to complete tasks quickly, collaboratively, and securely. A robust tool to boost PDF file productivity empowers your staff to create, edit, and convert documents—as well as get signatures or eSign a document themselves—when and where they need them. Don’t hold out on some of your workers; deliver digital tools for all so everyone can achieve maximum productivity.

The Most Secure Solution

With an integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution, you no longer have to print files and worry about someone leaving a piece of paper in the wrong place or that a sensitive file wasn’t properly disposed of, putting your company’s data at risk. Why? When you don’t have tons of paper stored in costly filing cabinets and employees aren’t printing and scanning tons of files, you lower risk and increase customer—and employee—confidence about and happiness with your business.

Additionally, ensuring that you choose a secure tool that that stores your PDF files in the cloud and has certifications, such as SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA, will put your mind to rest. You won’t need to worry about the massive security and recovery costs associated with cybercriminals infecting your files with malware or other potentially crippling viruses when you have a secure and compliant PDF productivity tool that has top-notch support just a call or click away..

Get Stress-Free eSignatures

More than 51 percent of all printing is done just to get a signature from someone else. Imagine eliminating all of that paper waste by using an eSigning solution. People are busy, workers are remote, the C-suite is constantly on the go attending vital meetings and closing important deals.

With a powerful, fully integrated tool that combines PDF editing tools with eSigning, you no longer need to print files for signatures, wait for them to be signed, or scan them back in again. Whether you need a signature on a PO, contract, expense report, NDA, or other important file, at the click of a button, you can sign a PDF file or request a signature from another party.

And, with the best PDF productivity solution, you can also track the document’s progress, too, so you know the moment a file is opened and signed.

Use and Collaborate on PDF Files Easily

Giving your workforce a fully integrated PDF productivity tool and eSigning solution that is intuitive and makes use of familiar icons and language will help employees get to work quickly. With a low learning curve, a PDF productivity solution can help your employees spend minutes, not hours, on PDF files—whether that means creating, editing, eSigning, converting, combining, or sending documents.

PDF productivity tools allow the modern workplace to thrive with lower operations costs, less physical storage, reduced risk, fewer errors, and an attention to environmental impact. All of these benefits are a boon to efficiency and better relationships—with customers, clients, vendors, and even your very own employees.
Want to see how the right PDF productivity tool—with a collaborative technology partner—can make your employees more productive and drive your business to succeed? Check out this e-book to learn the nine questions you should be asking to find the right document productivity partner.