How to Get eSign Buy-In from Stakeholders

The modern workplace is increasingly digital, and workflows are constantly evolving. But what does the next layer of productivity look like? The next wave is all about eSignatures—the safe, legal, and efficient solution to troublesome pen-and-paper analog processes.

Now is the time to embrace more efficient and modern digital productivity solutions—and to secure buy-in from the right people to make it happen. Here are three steps for getting eSign buy-in to ensure your organization stays ahead of the competition in an increasingly digital world.

Step 1: Do your homework to prove ROI.

Chances are your company spends an inordinate amount of money on printing paper just to get signatures. A paperless eSigning solution will gain back countless productivity hours and boost the bottom line, too.

Ask key stakeholders some questions as you plan your buy-in pitch—or do the legwork yourself. Does your company use an overnight courier just to get signatures? How much paper does your organization print to get signatures every day?

Here’s the big question: How much is spent per year on filing all that paper? It costs a single organization $880 to maintain a five-drawer file cabinet per year, not to mention the $11 per year per inch of paper documents stored, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS).

The average employee spends more than four hours every single week on paper-based tasks, and it takes an average of 10 minutes to retrieve and refile a single paper document. Throw on the 50 trips per week a single worker takes to the fax machine, printer, or copier in order to retrieve paper documents, and the lost hours of productivity add up quickly and mean lost revenue.

Another important question to ask: How secure are your company’s paper records? Ninety percent of U.S. companies report having experienced a data leak or loss of sensitive files, and 21 percent of all major breaches involve paper records.

Never fear! You can gain a secure and competitive edge—and save plenty of money—by providing your modern, agile workforce with a PDF productivity and eSigning solution for all.

Step 2: Be prepared for pushback.

Although eSign has been an accepted and legally binding form of a signature for nearly 20 years, there are still a lot of reasons individuals and companies push back on the eSigning solution. When it’s time to seek buy-in, be prepared to handle pushback, including:

Resistance to change

This will be your biggest complaint, because most knowledge workers assume new tech has a huge learning curve. With the right eSigning solution, however, adoption rates will be quick and ultimately create a more frictionless workplace with seamless workflows.

Unique team needs

Yes, different teams and departments have unique workflows and objectives, but the assumption that a new PDF productivity and eSigning solution can’t meet their unique needs is yesterday’s fake news.

Battling the assumption that new software will never be versatile enough to meet everyone’s needs is easy with a test drive of Nitro Pro. Let department heads see for themselves how quickly, easily, and securely they can sign PDF files with powerful encryption, certificate-based security, and custom permissions and passwords.

IT time and resources

Lastly, your IT and InfoSec teams will likely assume that the new tech will require endless hours of testing, implementing, onboarding, rolling out, and training. However, the right eSigning partner will be an expert in change management and can help your IT teams work smarter, not harder.

Case Study: Hays Companies Webinar

An insurance brokerage firm, Hays Companies helps its clients navigate the complexities of the insurance market. According to Sonja McElroy, the IT director at Hays, the company has seen a huge shift in the paper dynamic thanks to Nitro, which has helped Hays drive document productivity and reduce redundancy. After running a pilot with Nitro, McElroy reported that Nitro lowered costs, increased employee happiness, and enabled workers to work more efficiently from wherever they were, without being chained to their desks—or paper. Learn more about how Nitro’s productivity suite has helped Hays Companies create powerful workflows and efficiencies in this webinar.

Step 3: Sell them on it.

Once you’ve shown key stakeholders the numbers and addressed pain points, it’s time to enable your knowledge workers company-wide with a PDF productivity tool and eSigning solution that scales at enterprise level.

The right eSigning partner will have on-point messaging and communication lined up to help stakeholders understand the benefits of implementing an eSign solution, including:

  • Saving time and simplifying processes
  • Lowering the cost of paper-based processes
  • Improving the efficiency of daily workflows
  • Boosting employee productivity and worker satisfaction
  • Embracing digital transformation across the office
  • Decreasing the destructive environmental footprint of paper-based processes

Additionally, a solid eSigning partner will provide training resources and implementation plans customized to your company’s needs to ensure immediate and trouble-free adoption.

Step 4: Tell them it’s affordable!

Switching to a new solution can trigger concerns about costs, but an integrated solution will provide unlimited eSigning as part of your productivity package. Say goodbye to paying by the signature, limiting access to a lucky few, or halting digital advancement because of budget concerns. A fully integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution is affordable and accessible for all.

Get started.

With these three steps, you’ll easily get buy-in on a fully integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution. Stakeholders will embrace the cost, productivity, and time savings, knowing that the solution will allow them to get back to mission-critical tasks faster.
Learn more about how eSigning for all is the next wave of the modern workforce by downloading our Sign of the Times: eSigning for All e-book.