Supporting Enterprise Workflows: Your Best Way to Combine PDF

Workflow is the key to your professional success and satisfaction. In fact, employees with a satisfying work environment are 10 percent more productive. When workflows move smoothly, the sun shines a little brighter. When they’re clogged with bottlenecks and inefficiencies, the clouds roll in. Not to mention, they cost time and money, frustrate your employees, and put valuable client relationships at risk. One of the most important tools in the digital workspace to ensure an effective workflow is a PDF productivity and eSignature solution. It is the hidden hero that drives your company’s scalable and measurable productivity.

When managed thoughtfully and implemented thoroughly across an organization, PDF productivity solutions liberate constrained processes, speed up approvals, bring teams into alignment, and give everyone the breathing room to refocus their efforts on a shared institutional goal—increased revenue. But today’s state of the enterprise seems to prove otherwise. Every employee, from entry-level assistant to CEO, is revenue facing and needs technology at their fingertips that unleashes productivity.

Combining PDFs—An Invaluable Tool

One of the most useful and necessary functions of a PDF platform is the ability to merge multiple files into a single document. As the technology becomes more integral to a company’s day-to-day operations, the ability to combine PDFs of a variety of sizes, sources, and purposes without losing functionality is essential.

Stephen O’Brien, Associate Director at Gray Robinson & Cottrell (GRC) Quantity Surveyors can attest to this benefit. “Nitro helped us combine documents—we’ve made leaps and bounds in productivity.” This proved to also be a great timesaver when onboarding new employees. “The basic functions are very easy to pick up, with staff being easily able to combine and annotate documents. This has made training far easier,” says O’Brien.

Justine Ingaliso, Technology Trainer at Australian law firm Maddocks concurs. “Combining different documents into one was a challenge.” Employees often had to assemble packets of upwards of 200 pages each in a byzantine process of printing, sorting by hand, scanning, and then repeating the process if any one element was incorrect or out of order.  When Nitro was deployed, Ingaliso was one of the first to give it a test-drive, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Workflow That Really Works

The ideal enterprise PDF combination workflow lets you find, merge, and manage your documents in seconds, shortening wait times between idea and execution.

With Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud, this process couldn’t be easier:

  • Open your files, quickly find the “Combine” function in our familiar, Microsoft-like ribbon, and merge. In seconds, it’s done, on your desktop or in the cloud.
  • You now have a comprehensive document that’s easy to search, organize, share, and review.
  • It works for a wide variety of other file types outside of PDFs, and you can even do it directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Once merged, your new document is ready for finishing touches. Reorder the pages, turn them into images, or pull selected pages back into individual PDFs.
  • Win the day with cohesive, easily accessible reports and presentations that your clients and colleagues will love.

If you’re tired of backed-up workflows, missed revenue targets, and declining morale, consider a PDF productivity solution that was built with efficiency in mind. Your staff, investors, and bottom line will thank you. Look and see for yourself.