Nitro’s Q1 Partner Deal Spotlight

Welcome to our Q1 partner deal spotlight. To celebrate how much we value our channel partnerships, we highlight one key channel deal each quarter. We sat down with our VP of Sales for North America, Barry Jungels, to discuss a deal his team worked on in Q1. The deal was for a large private hospital operator in the US and it was completed with our channel partner, Insight.  

A collaborative sales process is key to any deal. Can you provide a brief overview of what the process looked like for this specific win? 

Insight and Nitro have been in partnership together for a number of years and we continue to invest and grow this partnership wherever possible. This deal came to fruition after a Lunch and Learn Training Session hosted by Nitro in one of the Insight Offices. This session triggered one of Insight’s software specialists to reach out to Nitro and discuss some opportunities they were working on that they felt would benefit from Nitro’s solution.   

Once Insight introduced Nitro to this particular customer, they were keen to learn more about the offering. A Nitro Pilot was initiated across various locations in the US. This allowed the customer to trial Nitro and ensure it was a good fit for their business before committing to a company wide roll out. The Nitro Pilot allows for in-depth user testing and technical evaluation, but also demonstrates how Nitro and Insight are the right choice for the customer. Nitro’s Solutions Engineers along with the Insight Team take the lead on Pilot deployment, management, and reporting, keeping the customers workload light and test users on track. As a result, the customer was enabled with all they needed to make a confident purchasing decision. 

The Nitro Pilot Program finishes with an Executive Briefing where the results of the Pilot are shared. In this instance, these results spoke for themselves and Insight were then able to move forward with the deal.  

Providing attractive margins is a key differentiator in selling Nitro. How did our beneficial, flexible margin structure come into play in this deal? 

This customer was reviewing other PDF solutions at this time and the organization in question is also predicting growth in the coming years. It became apparent early in their discussions with Insight that Nitro was the right option based on the product fit, the ROI, the deployment costs and the user experience. Nitro was able to offer Insight a generous channel margin structure which meant it was a win win situation for all concerned. 

Our margin structure has allowed Nitro to gain huge success within the channel ecosystem and we will continue to invest in this based on how much we value our channel partnerships. 

Collaborating on deals fuels positive relationships between vendor and partner. How has this deal led to increased collaboration and mutual wins? 

Nitro is dependent on our channel partners in order to help us grow our customer base in each and every region globally. We also believe our channel partners depend on us as an innovative software provider within their digital transformation tool kit. We work with Insight across a number of regions and since this deployment took place we have continued to work closely with the Insight team on a number of key deals around the globe. 

The most important factor in any deal is the customer. How did Nitro and its partners work together to ensure that the customer remained top priority? 

The Nitro Pilot Program and our close relationship with Insight were key factors in the success of this deal. The Pilot allowed us to work closely with Insight and the customer and really understand their challenges. Once Nitro and Insight were aware of what the customer needed from this deployment, we were able to work together to provide them with the right solution.

Should you wish to find out more about the Nitro Partner Program email us at for further details or check out the website here.