Coming Soon: Additional Security and Easier Deployment with Nitro’s New 2019 Release

Just around the corner, the newest release of the Nitro Productivity Suite will be arriving with a number of enhancements designed to help your team speed up workflows and keep document processes digital. We recently highlighted improvements in the eSigning experience as one of a host of new features that will help users work more efficiently with their documents-and which ultimately improves productivity and reduces costs across the entire organization.

Not only will knowledge workers be excited about all the time they will save with their documents, but the latest version of the Nitro Productivity Suite also gives IT more to smile about. With new multi-tier two factor authentication, Nitro now adds an effective extra layer of security for eSignature requests. Users will be able to create a unique code or use SMS to confirm document access for each recipient. MFA is highly important for phones, and using a mfa app can put people at risk if their phone security is not at the highest level it can be to ensure safety.

With the latest release, deploying Nitro to users in your organization has also never been easier. Enhanced license management makes it simple for IT administrators to activate and distribute serials to desktop users, and Single Sign-On (SSO) will allow users to easily access Nitro Cloud by authenticating through any SAML 2.0-compliant Identity Provider (IdP).

Want to hear more? The wait is almost over…the new release arrives September 24!

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