Nitro & PDF 2.0

As a leader in document productivity, Nitro always strives to be at the intersection of our customers’ needs, technology advancements, and breakthrough innovation. A new version of the PDF standard—PDF

‘Tech Pioneers Report’ Ranks Nitro in Top 25

“Innovation is fueling the diversification of Australia’s economy, and the pace and scale of digital disruption is providing more opportunities for Australian businesses to leverage technology in new and exciting

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The Key Ingredients for Awesome UX

Now that we know a bit of history about UX (Part 1), and that we understand how our brain processes information (Part2), let’s move on to the process of UX, and

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How to Turn Data into Insight for Better UX Design

Building the perfect product or experience requires good UX. People nowadays just expect simple designs and enlightening, intuitive experiences from the products they use—but how are those experiences crafted? This is

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