IT Success Guide: Evaluating PDF Tools for Business

Follow these 7 steps to confidently choose the right PDF editor for your organization. You’ve been tasked to find a new option for your company’s PDF needs…one that’s packed with features, super easy

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Time is Money, For Accounting Firms

“Time is money” – it’s a phrase we bandy about, but what if it impacted your business in such a way that doing things slower resulted in penalty fines for

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Spot the Difference with the New PDF File Compare Tool

When collaborating with a team, the process of comparing your original document with an edited version is like playing a concentration game, except it’s not fun. Often times there’s at least one team member who forgets to track changes, add notes, delete content, or edit graphics. The inconsistencies can cause painstaking manual comparison that slows down workflows with time-consuming searches for both edits and the correct document version.